Auxiliary Graphics

We integrated elements such as the junk ship, the Six Banyan Trees Temple, the light house of Huaisheng Mosque, etc., with the sheepskin map (Peace in terrace in Latin), the ribbon, and the olive branch. The graphics strictly refers to the geometric structure of the L'uomo vitruviano made by Leonardo da Vinci, and the junk ship conforms to the principle of the golden ratio. Auxiliary Graphics is used to highlight our respects for the openness, inclusiveness, prosperity, peace, and science.

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Historical Maps

We make the vector graphics based on the geographic elements of coasts, mountains, rivers, the Great Wall from the Great Universal Geographic Map (Kun Yu Wan Guo Quan Tu in Pinyin and 坤舆万国全图 in Chinese), which is made by Matteo Ricci and Li Zhizao in 17th century. It was also presented to Emperor of Ming Dynasty. Based on this vector graphics, the ancient cities in Asia from 15th to 17th centuries have been identified and located, and these cities are engraved on the six sheepskin maps with the traditional Chinese vermilion seal (both Chinese and English versions): the whole Asia, a partial map of East Asia and Southeast Asia, and a partial map of South Asia, Central Asia and West Asia.

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